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Energy Star – Energy Modeling Services

Over the past several decades, many buildings were constructed primarily with “first cost” in mind; there was little consideration for total energy consumption or “life cycle costs.” As a result, many buildings’ operating costs are much higher than expected, resulting in lost profits. Commercial and Industrial Facilities currently account for 49% of all energy consumed in the US.

Today there is an opportunity to make your building more energy-efficient and receive the Energy Star Award. Also, your building could potentially qualify for tax deductions (179D) up to $1.80 per square foot to offset energy-improvement costs. To qualify as an Energy Star Building, it must be in the top 25% tier of energy-efficient buildings as compared to similar buildings.

Fidelity’s Engineering Team knows how to cost-effectively save energy, reduce operating costs and increase the asset values of your buildings. In many cases, just the cost savings from reduced energy consumption can fund capital expenditures for new lighting, HVAC or control systems: quite often in just a few years.

Our Energy / In-House Engineering Team offers the following services:

  • Energy Star Studies and stamped Professional Engineer applications
  • Full Building Energy Modeling (software approved by the US DOE)
  • Turn-key energy projects with cost and performance guarantees
  • Identify and Prioritize Energy Conservation Measures (ECM)
  • Energy Project Financing
  • Energy Consulting
  • Local Utility and Government Rebates
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